Why Laughing Wolf Consulting is Right for You

With so much noise on the internet, it’s tough for a brand to get noticed, let alone heard. Both become downright impossible if you’re not regularly producing engaging, creative content that gets results.

To get results, your content must:

  • Speak directly to your target audience
  • Deliver information they actually care about
  • Get them engaged with your brand
  • Make search engines happy with white hat SEO and optimization
  • Reflect your brand voice, personality and style
  • Be captivating, compelling and geared to convert
  • Be enjoyable to read

Does your existing content qualify? If not, you’re in the right place to get content that does.

Writing Background and Experience

Position yourself as an expert. Generate excitement and drive sales. Make your audience fall in love you with. How? Give them the content they want, when they want it, in a format, tone and style that suits your brand. Content that answers their questions, is engaging to read and too irresistible not to share.

That’s what Rynski’s writing can do for you. Whether you need a 30-second video script or a 30-page white paper, Ryn is at your service. With a BFA in Creative Writing, an MA in English literature, a thesis on the folklore of NYC subway workers, and a writing career that spans several decades, Ryn has helped clients with:

  • Blogs and website copy
  • Landing pages and email sequences
  • E-books and lead magnets
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Video scripts and speeches
  • Bios, mission statements, vision statements
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • Book and screenplay writing and editing


  • 30+ years in journalism
  • 10+ years in content marketing
  • 9 published books
  • 25+ writing awards, including best feature column in entire state of Arizona and best humor column in all of New Mexico
  • 1987: First writing award for review of Pink Floyd concert
  • 1977: First illustrated book of poetry created – while in second grade.

About Business Creativity Coaching and Consulting

Pleasing your audience with amazing content is a good start. But what good is a batch of happy audience members if your organization is disintegrating from the inside?

Nearly 50% of employees say company culture is more important than the physical aesthetics of the workplace or the technology used. If your company culture is one punctuated by grumbles and groans, it’s not likely to be a productive – or profitable place.

Creativity coaching and consulting can breathe new life into your organization, transforming grumbles and groans into smiles and success.

A Bit More about Rynski

Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) is a writer, artist, dog lover, speaker, Reiki master and certified professional coach who once traded her artwork on the streets of New York City just to eat and get her daily beer. She has since given up drinking and now has enough money to eat (even organic!).

She has also expanded her art into a successful enterprise, her writing into a thriving business, and her consulting, coaching, Reiki and speaking into a growing practice that has already helped many realize and expand into their true potential. She has nine published books, two dogs, dozens of awards, an online Etsy art shop and more than 20 years in recovery from alcohol.

Her life purpose is to use her creativity, experience and humor to inspire others to live lives filled with freedom and joy. (Getting someone to help enhance your workplace and handle your content is a dang good start!)