Common questions on freelance writing, business creativity coaching and business consulting. 

Freelance writing rates vary based on multiple factors. These include the length and type of project, as well as the research, effort, creativity and time involved. Our rates are well worth the remarkable value you get from a seasoned expert. Contact us for more an estimate.

Rates for business creativity coaching and consulting vary based on several factors. The main factors are the frequency and length of each session and the overall package. Custom packages are tailored to your specific workplace culture and issues. Contact us for more info.

Business creativity coaching and consulting infuses excitement and motivation into your workplace by adding a dash of creative thinking. Both can help solve ongoing issues and problems as well as add more intrigue and creativity to the things you do. The end result is an energized workplace, enhanced company culture, and happier employees and customers - which can automatically lead to increased sales and revenue.

While the two can be combined in a single program or package, they are distinctly different things. Coaching involves asking pointed questions that prompt you to discover solutions on your own. We can be a resource of information, but we are not leading you in any given direction. Consulting involves providing suggestions and guidance, along with helpful tips you are encouraged to implement. Either way, it's always your decision on the actions you take. You're the boss. We're just the guide.