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6 Signs You Need a Creative Content Boost

We’ve all been to events where we felt awkward, struggling to start small talk about things like pizza toppings or the joy of fabric softener.

It’s no fun. We’re not sure what to say. And the first impression we make is at best easily forgettable – at worst, kind of jerky.

The same thing happens with your online content. Except you’re not just bumbling in front of a few random people. Your brand may be bumbling in front of everyone who runs across your website and social profiles.

Content is conversation in the digital world. The only way to ensure yours doesn’t fall flat is with a steady stream of creative business writing.

Six signs you could use a creative content boost include:

You write everything yourself

Even if you’re a good writer, or a great writer, you’re way too busy to keep the writing on your plate. It ends up one of those tasks that gets half your attention around midnight on Sunday for your Monday blog. Sigh.

You see loads of traffic – but no conversions

Leave window shopping for department stores. Your creative business writing needs to attract and intrigue, sure. But it also needs to be geared toward closing the deal.

You’d rather stick a fork in your eye than come up with your next blog topic

Coming up with a constant supply of fresh ideas can wear anyone down. Unless, of course, you have a pro handling it with her stash of secret recipes for success.

Your social profiles have fewer words than a bumper sticker

Oh no! Are you really one of those brands that throws a random sentence in the profile area? Or leave it blank altogether? You’re wasting premium real estate.

Every other sentence starts with “We”

Sorry. People don’t care about YOU. They care about what YOU can do for THEM.

You don’t have a brand story

Your brand story is the essential foundation that keeps your creative content focused, targeted and aligned with your brand’s personality.

Ready for that boost?

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