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Top 4 Things to Do for Zombie Awareness Month

Zombie Awareness Month shuffles onto the calendar every May, making the time ripe for everyone to acknowledge the living dead. While the deadly serious Zombie Research Society introduced Zombie Awareness Month in 2007 as a way to prep for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, it has morphed into so much more. May has become a month-long stretch of celebration, reflection and education about all things zombie.

Start with the Celebration

Celebrate your favorite zombie things, whether they’re movies, video games, comic books or figurines that kind of look like your Uncle Stan. Have an all-night zombie stuff party with your pals in the woods, or binge-watch all your favorite zombie flicks in one fell swoop.

Spread Zombie Awareness to Others

Wearing a grey ribbon during May is a way to honor Zombie Awareness Month. It’s also a fabulous conversation starter at those lame-o parties when you’re sick of talking about the weather.

Do Your Apocalypse Homework

OK, even if you don’t believe a zombie apocalypse is coming our way sooner or later, it never hurts to prep for massive emergencies. Treat May as a time to review what you and your family would actually do to keep yourselves alive in the event of a real-world disaster. You know, go over things like evacuation plans, survival kits, bomb shelter construction, and training your pets how to react if confronted with risen dead things.

Create a Zombie Survival Kit

You noticed survival kits made the list of homework items above. You can easily make a zombie survival kit that’s also useful for other disasters. All you need are a few basic essentials:

  • Food and water. Food needs to include plenty of nonperishables, like cans of kidney beans and peanut butter. If you can get your hands on freeze-dried astronaut foodstuff, that’s even better. Also keep several gallons of water stashed around the home and garage.
  • Zombie-proof car. Bigger is not always better, as you’re pretty much dead meat once your car is spotted. A sporty little fast-moving thing will zoom through zombies better than a lumbering SUV.
  • Toolbox. A toolbox stocked with a lineup of tools can come in handy, or you could just opt for one of those all-purpose utility knives with things like nail clippers and corkscrews on it. To be safe, you may as well go for both. Tools can be traded with other survivors, and you never know when a utility knife nail clipper may save your life.
  • Blankets. Good for hiding. Better for warmth. Hard to say where you’ll end up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and fleeing to Canada is always a popular exit strategy.
  • Baseball bat. Never mind all those elaborate high-powered, zombie-killing rocket launchers and other weapons that are a huge hassle to buy and use. Stick with the straightforward baseball bat – and a really good aim at the head.
  • Zombie Koffee. This all-purpose beverage can be used during all stages of Zombie Awareness Month. It’ll help you stay awake during the celebrations, bring instant awareness when you mention the Zombie Koffee name, and keep you on your toes in the event of a disaster.

In fact, even if you do nothing else for Zombie Awareness Month, at least get some Zombie Koffee. It’s strong enough to wake the dead – and keeps you alert enough to fight them. (It also comes in three amazing flavors.) Order yours today.

This blog was written for coffee company Zombie Koffee.

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