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Video Script: Online Meeting Tips


Online meetings are all the rage right about now,

and these Do’s and Don’ts help ensure you’re smooth, cool and savvy on the screen.


Do look presentable.

Being in the comfort of your home doesn’t mean in the comfort of a ratty tank top.

And comb your hair.


Don’t walk or move around with your device.

You’re not filming Blair Witch Project.

Constant movement is distracting – and nauseating.

Pick a quiet spot and stay there.


Do choose a flattering camera angle.

No one wants to look up your nose.


Don’t have naked people in the background.

Make sure what’s behind you or around you

is not more interesting than you.


Do make friends with the MUTE button.

Shut off the TV, the music and the robo-vacuum.

Alert your household you’ll be on a call.

Learn to use the MUTE button

when your dogs start barking anyway.


These five tips can help you rock your online meetings –

without a hitch, glitch or barking dog.


  • 60-second video script
  • Video script words per minute = 150 to 170

This script was written for a video production company. 

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